AI Workshop

We work with you on a specific question on a topic related to AI.

Our AI workshop helps you to get an impression of potential AI solutions or a potential AI Strategy . With an AI workshop we can also approach an AI Prototype or, similar to an AI Education , create initial points of contact with AI.

We usually start our AI workshop with a short keynote speech. In this way, we dive into the topic or question with you and shed light on the feasibility and profitability of potential AI solutions or the scope and impact of a potential AI strategy. Together we identify other stakeholders in your company and discuss standards and alternative solutions. Depending on your topic or question, we will include further explanatory short presentations or practical exercises. Following the AI ​​workshop, we will write a short report that includes an initial assessment on our part.

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Further services

We train you, your managers & your employees in AI topics.

We accompany you on your way from the first attempts with AI prototypes to the productive use of AI solutions within your regular infrastructure.

We develop specific AI solutions for your use cases.