AI Solution

We develop specific AI solutions for your use cases.

As part of your insourcing strategy, we develop specific AI solutions for your use cases. We use the latest AI technology and establish procedures to measure the quality of your entire use case in the best possible way.

In close cooperation with your (development) team, we define the requirements for your use case, specify workflows and APIs and use them to implement frontends and backends. We proactively promote the knowledge transfer within your company. Finally, we support the seamless deployment into production within your infrastructure.

Our AI solutions specifically developed for you extract information, contextualize it and use it as your use case requires. Our core competencies are the (partially) automated processing of documents through Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision as well as the (partially) automated processing of structured data from databases or sensors.

The cornerstones of our AI solutions:

  • We analyze your use case thoroughly and establish an tailor-made quality measurement.

  • We analyze and evaluate the data relevant to your use case.

  • We identify the most suitable AI modeling by systematically comparing possible models.

  • We develop the selected AI modeling with you until it is ready for production.

Further services

We build prototypes that demonstrate the potential of AI for a specific use case.

We accompany you on your way from the first attempts with AI prototypes to the productive use of AI solutions within your regular infrastructure.

We work with you on a specific question on a topic related to AI.

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The use of AI has many pitfalls.

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