AI Prototype

We build prototypes that demonstrate the potential of AI for a specific use case.

Have you already identified a use case for AI in your company and now want to validate it with an AI prototype? Are you striving for long-term changes through AI solutions , but would first like to gain experience in dealing with AI technology and provide evidence of the technical feasibility of your use case? If you lack the necessary expertise or the resources, we can help and implement an AI prototype for you in a short time.

Our approach:

  • We identify the required data with you and analyze it.

  • Based on your domain knowledge, we develop a suitable AI model, train and test it.

  • In close cooperation with you, we evaluate to what extent AI serves your use case, for example with regard to the possible degree of automation.

If you decide to go live after the implementation of an AI prototype, we will support you in planning the necessary steps - e.g. for integration into your infrastructure.

Further services

We develop specific AI solutions for your use cases.

We research on your behalf & improve already implemented use cases.

We audit 3rd party AI ​​technology objectively & neutrally.

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