AI Education

We train you, your managers & your employees in AI topics.

Training is the backbone of every successful AI solution. Because only with know-how sustainable and valuable AI solutions can be created that get better and better over time. Successful AI solutions are the result of the close collaboration of various roles: Executives, DevOps, developers, data curators and quality assurance specialists work hand in hand.

Our training courses consist of imparting knowledge and related practical exercises. We build on existing prior knowledge and expand it in a targeted manner. In groups of a maximum of 12 participants, we also promote the cross-role and cross-team collaboration that is essential for AI projects.

Our trainings:

  • AI project management for executives

  • AI infrastructure for DevOps

  • AI "101" for developers

  • AI "advanced" for developers

  • AI data annotation for data curators

  • AI software testing for quality assurance specialists

Further services

We work with you on a specific question on a topic related to AI.

We accompany you on your way from the first attempts with AI prototypes to the productive use of AI solutions within your regular infrastructure.

We develop specific AI solutions for your use cases.

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Valuable AI can only be created through know-how.

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