AI Audit

We audit 3rd party AI ​​technology objectively & neutrally.

We offer you two AI Audit variants, which differ in their scope and can therefore be carried out at different speeds:

  • Our "red flag" AI audit provides you quick information about the AI ​​technology of the assessed product or company.
  • Our "extensive" AI audit provides you even more insights into the AI ​​technology of the assessed product or company.

We evaluate:

  • the plausibility and expediency of the use of AI methods with regard to the intended benefit,

  • the topicality of the AI ​​methods and tools used,

  • the quality of implementation,

  • the quality of the evaluation, and

  • the underlying data.

Further services

We work with you on a specific question on a topic related to AI.

We train you, your managers & your employees in AI topics.

We build prototypes that demonstrate the potential of AI for a specific use case.

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